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Agus Saputra

Payangan, b. 1992

Agus Saputra born in Payangan in 1992, graduated in Bali (Denpasar). In Senior High School, he attended a school that offered a Fine Arts major. In 2008, he was fortunate to have been offered an internship under Indonesian artist Gede Mahendra Yasa. He felt through him and an extensive learning process that he was able to cultivate his interest in Fine Arts, especially paintings.  Thereafter, Agus furthered his creative studies at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Denpasar to obtain academic degree.

His paintings are mostly large-scaled ones since the size does matter in for his storytelling process. As a Balinese, working up from traditions is second nature to him, and telling stories comes in close second (think wayang kulit). The Batuan style which he has adopted in his works blends harmoniously with the imposing dimensions of the canvas. His rendition of said style retains its key component of creating a dense and compact landscape of elements that correspond and interact with one another. As the visuals expand from one area of the composition to another, so do the stories that weave through these imageries, thus creating a narrative that unfolds in different ways for every audience of Agus.

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