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The Bali Revisited exhibition exhibits the Garis Nusantara collection consisting of paintings, sculptures, and textiles originating from the island of Bali. This collection

of artworks was collected through

Hudy Suharnoko’s personal journey

since the early 1970s.


This collection invites us to reminisce about the “golden” times of Balinese art and culture. At that time, the creative people of Balinese art and culture lived and inspired through their “golden” craftsmanship and extraordinary ideas. From the time of Kamasan traditional art which became the pioneer of painting

in Bali originated from Klungkung in the 16th century, then the era of great artists such as I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Ida Bagus Made Nadera, WG Hofker to Arie Smit. Bali was a paradise

for artists, both native Balinese and foreign artists who were amazed and attracted by its strong and magical art and

cultural atmosphere.

In addition, the daily life of Balinese people who uphold their culture as a way of life creates colorful and charming elements. One example is the diversity of the cloth or textile and its specific meaning and function. Ceremonial cloths from the mid-20th century are also exhibited.

The collection of fabrics has been curated and represents its diversity such as: songket prada, endek, grinsing as well as Pelangi silk.


It is an honor for Artsphere to be able to showcase the Garis Nusantara collection which has high cultural and historical value. We hope this exhibition can inspire us to appreciate our priceless cultural heritage.


Feb 4 - 28 2022 

Charity exhibition from
the collection of

Garis Nusantara

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