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Begok Oner

Cilacap, b. 1998

Gian Sugihartono a.k.a Begok Oner born in Cilacap, February 15, 1998. His last education was at Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, majoring in Fine Arts Education in 2016-2020. Starting to know more about fine art in college, participating in the first exhibition at the end of 2016. His great interest in street art started at the beginning of college in 2017 he began to join the world of street art, especially graffiti. Started the first bombing along the way from Solo-Malang. Now, he actively working, on both graffiti and painting. Paintings are not far from graffiti art, both visually and in terms of ideas.

As a street artist who takes the approach of streets and public spaces as my subject matter, Begok Oner wants to give a second life to abandoned buildings that are part of 'post-modern' society and are often considered the corpses of urban architecture. Since architecture is a product of modernization, architectural corpses not only represent failed hopes, but also a reflection to which we can think on the way we have been living so far.

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