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I still remember the first time I dived in the ocean. The moment when my eyes were positioned right on the line between the water and the air, that divides the life above and below. I remember the feeling of awe, seeing the busy life underwater while the shoreline was rather quiet... It felt like magic like I was looking at Peter Pan’s Neverland.

Nowadays both of these beautiful worlds are under threat. We are constantly faced with issues on global warming, sea levels rising, and plastic pollution. With the yearly flood that happens, it’s easy to picture what our surroundings would look like when it’d start to sink in the future. And I realized that the people who have the capacity and the power to avoid this disaster are also the people who have the sources and funds to save themselves when it happens. There is a feeling of hopelessness because the world as we know it today, would not be the same anymore in the future and the fight to stop it seems pointless. But maybe this change would bring about something else; an innovation? A new world? 

If the structures, streets, and the homes that we know today could only be visited by swimming or diving, and slowly the life that we have become distant memories. What would the world underwater look like? Would there be remnants of the structures mankind so proudly have built? Would there be new structures purposely built underwater where the new generations would live in because the land is no longer sufficient to contain our growing population? Would the corals be formed out of microplastics instead of microorganisms? Would there still be corals, fishes, and other ocean animals? Would there still be humans?

Below The

Mar 12 2022 - Apr 9 2022 

Irene Febry

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