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Didin Jirot

Bali, b. 1998

Didin Jirot (b.1998, Bali)  is an emerging artist currently pursuing his studies at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts of Yogyakarta. He works with the medium of sculptural paintings, steel sculptures, and paintings. He has had presentations in local exhibitions at Gallery RJ Katamsi, Sangkring Art Space, U Need Studio, Syang Art Gallery, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, and Nalaruepa Ruang Seni; as well as has participated in art fairs such as the Lotte Art Fair, Busan, Korea, 2022,  Art Jakarta in 2019 as well as Art Jakarta 2022. Didin’s artistic practice draws from observations on the Indonesian Landscape and Balinese traditions and he transposes them into contemporary imagery.     

His 2022 exhibition, Actual Occasions showcased a new body of work by Didin Jirot that is informed by the landscape of Indonesia and his roots as a Balinese. Didin’s body of work employs the use of automotive paint, resin, and stainless steel, creating manually using his hands, folding, rolling, and bending stainless plates to present three-dimensional elements. The Actual Occasions exhibition resonates with the concept and forms of the canang sari, a type of floral offering made by the Balinese Hindus in their prayers. The offering or canang is a representation of the mantra that is created to symbolize expressions of prayer.

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