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The watercolor world improvement of Galuh is a challenge in following the plot, yet he keeps on trying without a stop just like a flowing river into the sea. That is how he created the watercolor as the experiment of his art. But in reality, the proccess was not simple. He faced many obstacles during the work. One of them was lack of public appreciation for this transparent media. It was indicated by the lower selling price in comparison to some other media of art. Finding the unpleasant fact, he took this as a challenge on how to escalate the watercolor artwork into more valued level of competitiveness among the other media.

On his attempted trials, He did some experiments on his artworks such as using a coffee-based accent, applying the mixture of salt and soda water for the expected effect, and putting soil onto the canvas as the base of the art. Nevertheless, using canvas is actually a complicated challenge in creating an artwork for the applications of other media besides paper have their own specific techiques of stroking brush. This way, he has to find the most suitable technique for the best final result.

He presents the conceptual artworks as always. The ideas are based on both current situations and historical stories just like one of his art entitled “Perpisahan” which is inspired from TheWar of Diponegoro. He keeps on exploring his ideas for the incredible quality of his conceptual artworks which are in line with some true stories. He needs extra effort on doing observation to find the best object. He even needed four years of searching just to find the very best old lady figure. That is how he puts all the best for his utmost dedication.

Towards The Estuary

3 Feb - 9 March 2024

Galuh Tajimalela

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