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IB Putu Purwa

Bali, b. 1977

Ida Bagus Putu Purwa (or often called Gus Purwa) is a contemporary Balinese artist who portrayed his works using human figure to express his feeling, emotion and imagination. They are reflections of himself, as an individual living his creative life and as part of social beings living in the Balinese community. However, his recent works are inspired spiritually by an artist from Denpasar, Gusti Made Deblog.

Born and raised in Bali, also graduated from Indonesian High School of Art (STSI) Denpasar makes Gus Purwa holds the custom, culture, and tradition in Bali strongly and becomes the root of his artworks. Besides, his interest in the combination of charcoal and oil techniques, creating a distinctive feature in his works. His creations are highly appreciated and recognized by international galleries and art institutions. Also, his exhibition experiences have been to many major cities in Asia and Europe.

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