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Kanoko Takaya


Kanoko Takaya was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. She was first introduced to Indonesia’s vast variety of cultures through her mother, who would often visit Bali, Indonesia. Through these travels, her love for Indonesian culture blossomed. After graduating from Kyoto Seika, majoring in Visual Design, Kanoko moved to Indonesia in 2014. She continued her studies at Indonesia University of the Arts (ISI), Surakarta (Solo), Central Java. During her two years in Solo, Kanoko began uncovering traditional Indonesian culture in depth – particularly fascinated by the “Bobung'' mask in Yogyakarta (Central Java) and the mask of Malang (East Java). The Indonesian masks captivated her through the many evocative expressions;
differing from Japanese masks which show little expression in their detailed ornament.


In her third year in Indonesia, Kanoko moved to Bali and worked as an in-house artist for Pithecanthropus under her own brand, Kanoko until late 2019. Kanoko’s work falls between two ongoing themes referred to as the Indonesian Series and the Inner Series. Depicting local cultures through the lens of a Japanese artist living in Bali, the Indonesian Series visualizes Kanoko’s youthful perspective. While the Inner Series show cases an array of mediums from stone sculptures, and acrylic on paper and wood to acrylic stitched-foamed canvases.


Kanoko’s fluid use of materials is part of a dynamic exploration of the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Instinctively Kanoko’s abstracted lines draw inspiration from the natural world. Organic curvatures of the filled canvas from visual rhythm suggestive of reproductive organs. Her approach is not to speak of the biological function of such matter, but rather to illuminate the solemn wisdom of nature as they birth life forces unconditionally.

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