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Artsphere Gallery in collaboration with Project Mei presents Kanoko Takaya's first solo exhibition titled, "Naluri Arus : Instinct of the Current ''.

Showcasing an array of medium from stone sculptures, acrylic on paper and wood to acrylic on stitched-foamed canvases. Kanoko's fluid use of materials is part of a dynamic exploration into the symbiotic relationship between human and nature. Instinctively Kanoko’s abstracted lines draw inspiration from the natural world. Organic curvatures of the filled canvas form visual rhythm suggestive of reproductive organs.


Her approach is not to speak of the biological function of such matter, but rather to illuminate the solemn wisdom of nature when they birth life forces unconditionally. Kanoko’s work conveys a warmth and energetic spirit that tugs on our primitive emotion that is adaptive, gentle and constant.

Naluri Arus

Instinct of the Current

Nov 20 2021 - Jan 9 2022 

Kanoko Takaya

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