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Ruth Marbun


Ruth Marbun was born in 1985. She studied and worked in the fashion industry in Singapore before starting her art practices, unexpectedly, as she decided to go back for good in 2012. The search for a community back home has eventually led her to the contemporary art scene in Jakarta, Indonesia. A lot of her work captures emotions and prompts people to reflect the question of discomfort. She values individual experience(s) as a significant infrastructure in the society.

Through her works, she pictured imperfections as strength that represents a role in perseverance as well as adaptation of human beings. As someone who lives most of her life in big cities, people and communities has become central to her memory. She tends to visualize and deconstruct figures through her use of paint, layers of fabric, unapologetic sewing and sometimes, printmaking. She has exhibited her work through exhibitions in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Melbourne and Sydney as part of “Termasuk” group exhibition at Darren Knight Gallery in 2019.

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