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Jakarta, b. 1970

TUTU was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. His personal and social life is surrounded by – things like animation, history, cartoons, and stuff that smells of science fiction can be made him think broadly and far ahead. He proceeds methodically, namely with a narrative story and anxiety, research on the material, medium, and how to work accordingly the narrative. For example in the field of music, not just joining a band or group electronic music, but he was once a Music Director for feature films until he was nominated as The Best OST by the Indonesian Film Festival for the film Promise Joni (Kalyanashira, 2005).

TUTU started as a freelance Animator & Illustrator, in the 2000s he started entered the world of Street Art because he was interested in seeing the public's response to books, so he does it. There have been many Street Art events and exhibitions both nationally and internationally international life that he lived until he entered several national media internationally, and his profile has also been published in several internationally released books. However, boredom with the uniformity of the Street Art scene, made it more developed and explore the concept and visual material more broadly, without leaving the historical component which he passed. TuTu's work visualizes balance between all elements that don't use geometry classics in general, the elaboration of microscopic forms, and the incorporation of effective visual techniques different, formulated in the style of science fiction and fantasy (Science Fiction) on a medium. Often appear visuals with hidden meanings such as leaving pieces of the puzzle to solve.

By bringing geometric abstraction and retro yet futuristic design impression, a masterpiece as if opening to a new world that exists but is not accurate. Dimensionless space, form no mass, non-linear time – something that invites imaginary exploration. At the end of 2021, one of the curators of Indonesian Fine Arts identifies his style as Retrofuturistic Deco Realism, which he uses today.

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