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Wayan Yusa Dirgantara

Tabanan, b. 1995

Based in Yogyakarta, Wayan Yusa Dirgantara is an abstract visual artist from Bali. Before embarking on his art degree, the artist discovered that he suffered from partial colour blindness, which led him to create monochrome works at the start of his practice. As he attempted to understand colours solely from reading theories and their descriptions, he formed a strong sense of imagination about how others would perceive them. As a result, Yusa began creating his own interpretation of tones beyond what the eye could see – associating it with meaning and emotion. Where we perceive tinted colours of the ocean and serendipitous pink strokes, he views them as brown and earthy pigments. Yusa's work uses colour to manifest memories, stories, feelings, and our spirituality in a physical form. 

In his first exhibition with us titled 'Towards Revival', Yusa reveals the memories he had in his hometown as he reflects on his experiences with local fishermen and notices the flow of nature. Through abstract works, he meditates on fishery depletion and the ways traditional fishing can be a more sustainable approach to preserving our ocean.

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